Change priorities.

Our planet is not an option, it is a priority.

Ternua Group

At Ternua Group we are motivated to keep the cycle of life turning: to protect, create, move forward, and return.

We have a commitment to our origins, our environment and our people. And a challenge: to innovate, to create a better future and to improve ourselves. We aspire to be a leading voice in sustainable technological innovation.

We believe that being original, innovative, committed and courageous is not an option but rather an attitude. Where the “how” matters more than the “what”.

Welcome to Ternua Group.

Caring for the planet is not an option, it is a priority.

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Our Brands


At Lorpen we have light feet, and with them we walk the path of technological innovation through the manufacturing of sports socks from a small town in the Pyrenees.

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Ternua is a brand that provides clothing to people with adventurous souls and outdoor spirits who seek to connect with nature. These are people who recharge their energy levels in the open air with versatile, high performance technical garment that contain unique designs. We are a committed and sustainable brand that protects both the planet and people, indicated by a symbol that represents a relationship between them both based on respect.

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Sports & Fashion

Loreak Mendian is a clothing brand that was created to dress the world in functional and timeless attire. We believe in transparent and honest designs as opposed to deceitful and short-lived tendencies.

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Astore is a sportwear brand that mixes tradition and state-of-the-art Basque culture with a global spirit. Sustainable innovation and technology combine to create a unique and functional style that breaks new ground. By reinterpreting Basque traditional icons, Astore transforms and produces functional and sustainable designs.

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Ternua Workwear is the brand for companies that aim to protect their workers who are continuously exposed to the open air and are looking for quality, functional garments and accessories with outstanding technical performance, capable of responding to the demands and lasting over time. It is a brand that combines meticulous design and high-quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing, based on sustainable materials and processes that respect the environment.

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Ternua Group’s commitment.

Ternua Group’s commitment.

On average, more than 80% of the impact of a product (textile and accessories) is due to the materials with which it is manufactured.

Therefore, the selection of materials and accessories for each product is an essential part of the TERNUA GROUP environmental strategy. The goal? Hard-wearing and high-performance products which, above all, are harmless to people and the environment.

In 2007, we introduced an internal sustainable design standard called COMMITMENT that allows us to guide and support the progress of our teams in product development and that is now used by all brands in the group.

The product development teams of each brand are completely in line with each other and continuously work to improve and extend this commitment.


For a product to be identified as COMMITMENT, it must meet one of the following conditions.
It must be designed and manufactured with:

Recycled materials.

100% organic cotton material, grown without using genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilisers or toxic and persistent pesticides.

Biodegradable renewable materials (wool, Tencel®, etc.)

Materiales certificados Bluesign u Oeko-tex standard 100.
Estas certificaciones nos ayudan a seleccionar e identificar los materiales más responsables.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
This guarantees that certified fabrics do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of the people who make or use them.

Ziurtagiri honek bermatzen du ehunek baldintza zorrotzak betetzen dituztela, gure materialak ekoiztean erabilitako produktu kimikoei dagokienez. Horrek esan nahi du seguruagoak direla ekoizpen-prozesurako eta ingurumenerako, bai eta kontsumitzaileentzat ere.



Each of the steps we take is aligned with a philosophy rooted in our origins, based on which we design and manufacture garments and accessories, never losing sight of our commitment to people and the planet.


A colour from our nature. Reuse of non-edible agricultural waste, walnuts from Basque cider houses in this first phase, to make a natural dye and avoid the use of artificial dyes.
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Nets that are transformed to transform the world. A project involving the collection and recycling of disused fishing nets, turning them into garments and textile accessories for the world of outdoor activities.
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A race towards sustainability. A project to develop a garment for one of our collections, in collaboration with the runners in the Gorbeia Suzien mountain race.
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A toxin-free collection. Part of our promise to protect the planet and the people who live here.
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The use of fabrics from the recycling of PET plastic bottles collected from the sea for the manufacture of sports T-shirts.
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Caring for the planet is not an option,
it is a priority.

We have a commitment to our origins, our environment and our people. We understand better than anyone the need to protect what matters most: the natural environment. We aspire to be a leader in sustainable technological innovation, as part of its contribution to the priority of achieving a healthier and more habitable planet. A better planet.